free LinkedIn for Business masterclass 
LinkedIn for Business Masterclass

Learn the

- 3 Secrets to Generate Business with LinkedIn 
& The Vital Steps to Position Youself
as an Authority in Your Industry -

Friday, December 4th

@ 5:00PM EST, 2:00PM PST

Live Training

LinkedIn for Business Masterclass

During this Free 
Linkedin for business Masterclass 
you will learn how to...

Secret #1

Use LinkedIn as the world's largest database of businesses to find people within your target audience, even if you're not a subscriber to LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator.

Secret #2

Use LinkedIn as a tool to get the conversation started and build relationships, even if you're shy and introverted!

Secret #3

Easily apply 7 steps to position you as an advisor and your business as a respected authority within your industry, even if you're a (Newbie) just starting out!

About Derick Mildred

LinkedIn Speaker, Coach/Trainer and Online Business Growth Specialist, Derick is well known for his experience and knowledge of LinkedIn.

An engaging and down to earth speaker, devoted to helping people have a better understanding and achieve improved results from LinkedIn.
  • ​LinkedIn Coach, Trainer & Strategist.
  • ​Officially a LinkedIn member since Oct 2004.
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  • 250+ Recommendations.
  • ​2 X Top 3 / 75 LinkedIn Rockstar. 
  • ​1 Million + Content views in 2020.
  • ​2 Million + Content views in 6 months in 2021.
  • ​Publisher of Influencer & Rising Stars lists.
  • ​Founder of The LinkedIn Global Influencer Summit.
  • ​Published over 190 articles on LinkedIn.
  • ​Author / Publisher of #30Tipsin30Days.
If you've seen my LinkedIn #30Tipsin30Days, 
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